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Welcome to Optimal Health

Optimal health is your personal best possible state of physical wellness. This state is characterized by engaging, to the best of your ability, in all the necessary lifestyle activities that will positively affect your health. This entails you doing your best to follow all the nutrition counseling and physical activity recommendations to achieve this state while also moderating other behaviors that may negatively affect your health.

The Optimal Health Plan is not a temporary fad diet or physical activity plan but is a way of life from here forward. It is a completely customized dietary and/or physical activity plan that will be an effective way to improve your health for the rest of your life. The personalized plan encompasses all the benefits of any fad diet or meal plan without the associated pitfalls and health concerns. It involves good nutrition which encompasses appropriate food choices, balanced meals, eating in moderation, and a partner to help you along the way to achieving your goals.  In terms of physical activity the correct type is chosen according to current guidelines for intensity, duration, and frequency within the context of your past physical activity experiences.  The result:  sustained health improvement.

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Your new dietary and physical activity habits are based on what you need but at the same time are realistic for your lifestyle. Your health history, current dietary and physical activity patterns, present barriers to improving health, desired goals and readiness to achieve change determine the plan designed for you. No two people are alike, so neither should their plans for improved health and wellness be the same.

The Optimal Health Plan also provides a partner on your journey to achieving your goals. Your consultant will be readily available to answer questions, assist in making decisions about diet, and help you get over those barriers that once thwarted your progress to your health goals. You will be in touch not just through your evaluation and program development but for as long as you desire your consultant’s service.  Such service can be provided in person, over the phone or via email.

The Optimal Health Plan involves five stages each client must proceed through in order to achieve his or her desired goals. You have already begun stage one by getting acquainted with the program. Now let’s finish this stage to get to a healthy, happier, and new you!

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